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OFweek laser net news: recently, we from the overseas media, to obtain a set of 2018 land rover found photos. From the photos and the known information, 2018 land rover found models, will replace the cash in the sale of cars. Or pick up new laser illumination system.
  • A friend told small make up, a few days ago a night walk around 7 XX avenue, observe all the way to come over, not a lot of car driving lights, and each time go zebra crossing, cross the street to current car direction to see a few eye, to determine whether to have a car. Want to see a few eye, because he must beware of those not driving lights at night "driver" strange flower!
  • The brightness of the xenon lamp is very high, very bright light. And depending on the color temperature will present different effect of warm yellow to blue. Normally we common xenon light source is biased towards the mostly white or pale yellow, and around 5000 k color temperature of xenon lamp is most vehicles use and modification.
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