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Analysis is car xenon lamp or LED lights good
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Xenon lamp or LED lights good? 
Now a lot of cars are popular with LED lights, is really smart. But the LED light must be good? No xenon lights? 
If the evaluation of xenon lamp or LED lights good, first need to understand the nature of the two lights. 
Xenon lamp is refers to the high pressure gas discharge lamp. Xenon lamp is heavy metal lamp, through the supercharger will car 12 v power supply instantly rose to 23000 v, under the high voltage breakdown uv crystal the xenon inside the glass tube, and then by ionization of the xenon light source in power between the poles. 
The brightness of the xenon lamp is very high, very bright light. And depending on the color temperature will present different effect of warm yellow to blue. Normally we common xenon light source is biased towards the mostly white or pale yellow, and around 5000 k color temperature of xenon lamp is most vehicles use and modification.
Personally think that the xenon headlamps is lower than 5000 k color temperature is also more acceptable, more than 5000 k, form bright white and dark blue, in the absence of lens for the driveway has great influence on the driver's eyes, especially at night is easy to traffic accidents. When using xenon lamp, therefore, try not to use no lens in xenon lamp, but also should pay attention to when modified headlamps height and color temperature. To avoid damage to pedestrians and vehicles. 
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