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The use of the right car headlights? Actually has become a road killer
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A friend told small make up, a few days ago a night walk around 7 XX avenue, observe all the way to come over, not a lot of car driving lights, and each time go zebra crossing, cross the street to current car direction to see a few eye, to determine whether to have a car. Want to see a few eye, because he must beware of those not driving lights at night "driver" strange flower!
Small make up know these "resulted from the driver" many is a novice, they don't know anything about the use of the light, even didn't know how to drive the lamp... "Have lights on the road, I can see, there's no need to turn on the light?" This may be a beginners don't turn on the light of the commonly used reason in the evening.
Actually lights in addition to having the function of lighting, as well as tips and warning role, in plain English, understand the use of the lamp, also knew the life-saving skills - to prevent the other car hit by mistake. Today small make up six gave you talk about the use of the common models.
1, width modulation
As the name implies, is to indicate the vehicle wide width, which is usually said little lamp, when the light is not too bright, need vehicles will be shown on wide lights to warn other vehicles, such as the light is not very good in the basement, it is best to show wide lights. But in wide lamp does not have lighting effect.
2, headlight
If the road environment cannot satisfy the driving conditions, such as in the night or extreme weather, you need to open the vehicle headlamps lighting.
3, in
In the case of open headlight, continue to turn the polishing key, is the high beam, driving at night without lighting on the road, generally requires the opening of the upper beam, but need to pay attention to the vehicle right now, because in the far distance, can cause strong glare, to the driver object directly harm others, also indirectly affect their safety.
4, fog lamps,
Fog lamps is generally use yellow halogen lamp source, is in the fog and the line of sight bad didn't need to open a rainy day, and so on and so forth. With the high beam, open under normal circumstances, can affect to the driver of the vehicle. Many drivers turn on the fog lamps as dipped headlight is wrong.
5, double the flash light
Many lights in the car, the double flash light to its highest state of instruction, shows current status of the vehicle's desperately want to be noticed by pedestrians and other vehicles, in general, are malfunctioned or temporary parking vehicles when open the double flash, especially on high speed;
To be sure, a lot of people in the fog rain snow weather, such as for security will choose to open the double flash light, in fact this is the wrong operation, the correct operation should be dipped headlights or open width modulation at the same time in fog lamps.
Open double flash cars generally means have parking, and if you are on the road, will give a wrong signal to other drivers and pedestrians.
6, parking lights
Open if is a temporary parking, parking lights, turn signal, the general ashkenazi car with this feature, the temporary parking (closed) under the condition of engine, open the side lights, car lights are not flashing, but still normally on, without this function models, suggested that open the double flash light.
Write in the last
Light switch correctly or not used in security plays an important role in the process of driving, the proper use of car lights not only can protect their own safety, at the same time can create an orderly traffic environment.
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