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About us

Overall Introduction

Guangzhou Forda Signal Co., Ltd is an original equipment manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for commercial vehicles of more than 12 years, accredited by ISO/IATF 16949 (quality management system) and ISO/TS 16949:2009 (internal management system).


Our LED lighting solutions cover applications in truck, trailer, caravan, bus, forklift, municipal, emergency, construction, agriculture, etc., with product ranges from head light, signal light, warning & emergency light, working light, combination light, interior light, side marker light,  etc.


Since its establishment in 2007, we offer OEM services for worldwide clients. Our production comprises SMT (adopting advanced MES system), injection molding and assembling workshops. Forda is a subsidiary of Honglizhihui Co., Ltd., a public company group listed in China Stock Exchange Market (Stock Code: 300219) since 2011 and among the Top 10 LED packaging manufacturer in the world.



We focus on R&D and keep innovating and  launching new products every year.  All our products reach the standards of RoHS/SAE/ECE, additionally EMC,DOT,ADR etc. according to different market standards/regulations.


Our laboratory is equipped with full testing equipments to conduct the required mechanical & electronical performance testing including vibration, waterproof, high-low temperature, dustproof, optical/photometric performance, chroma and load dump etc., meeting standards/regulations in national and international markets.


Our production comprises SMT, injection molding and assembling workshops, with advanced equipments, such as SMT machine, SPI, AOI, ultrasonic welding machine, hot plate welding machine, vibration friction welding machine, reflow welding machine, waterproof testing device etc. and we keep investing advanced production and inspection equipments to keep achieving higher level of semi-automation and automation to ensure standardized, stable and high quality of production process and fast delivery time.


Long-term partnership

Forda supplies solutions and services to clients on international basis, with a primary focus on Europe and North America, while having increasing cooperation with clients from Australia, Middle East, South America and South Africa. Having over 12 years of close cooperation with our clients, we have earned our reputation of high quality, solid technology, good service and fast product innovation.


Brand Brief

Quality, innovation & responsibility are always our concerns and strengths, which have propelled us to make constant efforts to provide high quality products and excellent services to our customers and achieve the goal of becoming the leading manufacturer in the field of LED lighting solutions for commercial vehicles.


Patent and Approval

Guangzhou Forda Signal Co.,Ltd was accredited ISO/IATF 16949 quality management systems approval and internal management system ISO/TS 16949:2009.The products are designed and met RoHS,ECE,EMC,DOT,SAE,ADR standards/regulations according to regional regulations/standards. The company has applied for 65 items of the national patents,and 52 items have been authorized.

● System certification
● Product certification
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