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People-oriented, integrity, pioneering and innovative, bold, Our wills unite like a fortress.

1, people-oriented

Florida will respect people, understand people, find people, shaping people as the core of this culture, the employees realize self value, combined with the enterprise's development goal, always emphasize the respect and equality between people, and strive to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere, to meet the needs of people, in order to play, value realization to improve the quality of life, as the fundamental purpose of the development of enterprises.

2, integrity

Honesty is the root of the competition based on the Forda signal equipment limited company, business development, and the basic principle of doing things Master buddha. For the company and for colleagues and friends to be honest, honest and sincere to customers; to be partners, steadfast work. We firmly believe that people in good faith, people do not deceive me, to do things in good faith, things are all.

3, pioneering and innovative

Innovation is the key to the sustainable development of enterprises. Florida believe that innovation, encourage innovation, support the challenge of routine, and bear the costs and risks of innovation. We should promote every bit to break through, one by one to accumulate, make innovation become a habit, in the increasingly fierce competition in the market to climb the peak.

4, brave and resolute

Entrepreneurship is a hard hard process, only dare to do everything we can, firm and indomitable brave invincible determination is selfless, dare to do everything, the courage to play, dare to be responsible, is the Florida team wolf spirit label, dare to challenge, Master reflected the Buddha be enthusiastic and press on the style of the king.

5, Our wills unite like a fortress.

The team is higher than the value of the individual value, clear division of labor, the wolves become nature's most decisive and swift threatening team. Florida believes in “ there is no perfect person, the only perfect team, ” we emphasize the core support team is the core competence of the Corporation, the company members must be completed to work together closely with each other, mutual trust, team cohesion and cohesion powerful force resources, relentless work to overcome the difficulties one by one, not up to never give up, become the most combat wolf team.

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