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Cars carry laser headlights into a trend Land rover could escape
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OFweek laser net news: recently, we from the overseas media, to obtain a set of 2018 land rover found photos. From the photos and the known information, 2018 land rover found models, will replace the cash in the sale of cars. Or pick up new laser illumination system.

Laser after the LED headlight lamps are referred to as "reasonable" next, it would be more efficient, more fuel efficient. 
The laser headlight is not the kind of cool in the movie to the laser, it is not bright, even on the laser light emitting diode principle throughout headlights units with blue light fluorescent phosphors materials, convert them to a proliferation of white light, bright at the same time also more friendly to the eyes. 
Laser headlight compared with the traditional LED headlight advantage is obvious, the traditional LED headlight luminous intensity is 100 lumens per watt, and laser headlight reached 170 lumens per watt. 
Laser lamps light source, laser diode (Laserdiode) and light emitting diode (LED) was born in almost the same time, while the laser diode LED a little later than the large-scale commercial applications, but its application range is more extensive, measuring, electronics, communications, medical, processing and other industries have a laser diode. 
The advantages of laser lamps with LED headlight most, such as fast response said, brightness, low attenuation, small volume, low power consumption, long life and so on. Compared to the LED headlight lamps laser has advantages in lower especially in terms of volume, the length of a single laser diode element has been able to do 10 microns, a conventional LED element size 1/100, this means that as long as the designer is willing to, the size of the traditional automobile headlamps can be significantly narrowed, perhaps this will bring the design of the auto front face elements proportion revolutionary change. 
Laser headlight is another significant advantage in terms of luminous efficiency, such as general LED light luminous efficiency may reach about 100 lumens per watt, so laser diode element can reach about 170 lumens per watt, which means that, when the same lighting conditions, using the laser energy is less than 60% of the LED headlight lamps, further reducing the energy consumption, more in line with the future trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. 
As with leds, laser diode can only launch monochrome laser, need through multiple monochrome laser source synthesis, or make transparent medium, such as the laser by quartz leads to the formation of a spectral broadening white light radiation. BMW is using the method of white LED widely used - monochromatic light blue + fluorescence filter to produce white light. 
Look from the photos, the vehicle with an almost no pseudo state. Camouflage is concentrated in the front and the rear of the lighting system on the system. A source refers to the 2018 range rover found models, or will carry land rover latest laser lighting technology for the first time. In terms of platform, or to use the new range and range of motion using lightweight platform of PLA, after using this platform, 2018 model, is expected to further reduce weight, this design will greatly improve the fuel economy of vehicles. 
Due to the 2018 range rover found models, will replace cash LR4 models. Land rover hope in addition to the configuration and the power at the same time, further enhance the vehicle load space. According to the plan, 2018 new land rover found or will introduce seven version, to cope with the models in the market competition. Besides just said get laser illumination system, land rover found models, 2018 will also be interconnected entertainment system configuration of new car, the new display system. Before power on, in addition to the six cylinder engine, or carrying a smaller displacement 2.0 L inline four-cylinder turbo engine. 
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