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Project Manager
  • Work place:Huadu Auto City
  • Release date:2016-09-01
  • Closing date:2016-11-01
  • Gender requirements:Unlimited
  • Subordinate departments:Engineering Department
  • Subordinate departments:Bachelor degree or above
  • Salary range:
  • Job category:Project Manager
  • Recruitment number:1

1、  {C}{C}{C}After receiving the design team to submit a number of package documents and notification, responsible for the organization of cross sectoral digital analog design review, detailed records of the assessment points, and the filing.

2、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for making product development plan.Be responsible for the market feedback to the customer's new product problems, and organize the follow-up plan to the relevant departments, and follow up the improvement measures.{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}1、  The trial, trial organization work, and for the trial, trial production were summarized, put forward analysis report, problems and to supervise the progress of.

3、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for the requirements of the mold supplier to submit the mold production plan,

4、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for the mold modification plan, and the number of samples required to submit.

5、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for the organization of mold acceptance.

6、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for new product outsourcing/Outsourcing development progress tracking, meet the development requirements and the number of plans

7、  {C}{C}{C}Responsible for the timely and quality department, technical department, business department and other departments of communication, to master the new product development process of quality information, to solve the problem of feedback.Responsible for the organization of the product interior experiment.

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