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Life is a career achievement for several decades in the development of the company, human resources and cultural heritage, is the Buddha of signal equipment employing the concept of people-oriented best interpretation and interpretation. Here we help staff to achieve their dreams, we learn together, grow together, we know that the achievement of staff is the achievement of our common cause.

In the first advocate of the efficiency of the company, leading technology development concept under the guidance, build around the full of vitality, full of passion and innovation team, in all aspects of the election, and activities, leaving Florida signal equipment, scientific planning, steady implementation of the healthy development of human resources, provide policy guarantee for reliable
“Open, fair and impartial recruitment and selection of internal and external environment, for the company to recruit outstanding talent, create positive conditions; competition, job rotation, temporary job experience, a good foundation for the company's talent reserve lay, and offers graduate training, study abroad opportunities for outstanding young employees. The development process of implementation of international companies; the company is vigorously implement the talent strategy in the new project, all of which are the implementation of human resources to provide strong support for the steady development of the company.

Dear friends, whether you are skilled workers in technical school, or senior professionals with doctoral and master's degree, in the Florida signal equipment will be suitable for their own development opportunities. Whether you want to make a dull life, remain in a proper sphere, or want to make a person rare gifts and bold strategy and forge ahead, as long as you agree with our values, identity of our business, we warmly welcome you.

We will help each other to carry, work together to create a lifetime of regret in the future!
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