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Electronic Engineer
  • Work place:
  • Release date:2016-09-03
  • Closing date:2016-11-01
  • Gender requirements:Unlimited
  • Subordinate departments:Engineering Department
  • Subordinate departments:Bachelor degree or above
  • Salary range:
  • Job category:Electronic Engineer
  • Recruitment number:2

1、Responsible for the design and development of product according to the process, follow the engineering department manager's arrangement, complete the circuit design task in time.

2、Responsible for the circuit design and customer communication, as soon as possible.

3、Participate in the feasibility analysis of new product manufacturing.

4、The pre project development, assist design engineers to analyze the feasibility of the circuit.

5、Responsible for the design, development and production of new products.

6、Responsible for new product project submission.

7、Be responsible for the preparation of technical data, including the schematic diagram of the product circuit、BOMPCBDrawing and detection method, production process instruction, etc..

8、To be responsible for the analysis of the defective products in the circuit part of the workshop, and put forward the solution.

9、Responsible for new productEMCCertification work.

10、Responsible for quality improvement and continuous improvement in product design.

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